Eli Manning and Odell Beckham may have won the Super Bowl with their Dirty Dancing NFL commercial, but I was just made aware of a local Washington DC area commercial, and all I can say is… Wow.

So, do HTTR fans like Kirk Cousins? As in, does his face even sell in the DC area? (No, this is a serious question… I genuinely don’t know!)

Regardless of that answer I guess, the guy – who their local team just replaced WHILE HE WAS STILL THERE – is arguably the worst person to do this commercial with!!

I get making the jokes on Trump. I get that part. That probably will play in any market. But the choice of Kirk Cousins? Suspect to say the least!!

And a fireplace commercial in general is just bananas.

Local commercials, like the Browns/Bills/Jets, can sometimes be soooo bad that it’s funny… Unfortunately for Cousins, that type of team are his most likely landing places.



Still a Huuuuuuuuge Billy Fucillo Guy,