Coming back from a vacation can be tricky. There are lots of stresses from RETURNING from a few days off.

Your co-workers are almost always like, “Oh, thank GOD you’re back! We’ve been getting crushed with (INSERT WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO REGULARLY)!!

And then you open your email and there are 7,000 items to address.

You have more work in front of you than ever before.

Guys, take it from me. Trust me. I’ve played this song and dance for a while now. This is not my first rodeo.

My best advice: TAKE. YOUR. SWEET. ASS. TIME.

Taylor, that’s retarded. You’re an idiot. You don’t know anything about the REAL working world.

Don’t I though?

I skilled my first job – a SALES job on commissions only – often working 4 hour days… Currently I’m writing my third blog of the day, on a workweek where I took Monday off, and I have been doing shit like this throughout my two years here… Oh, and I smell a raise on the horizon (you know, assuming they continue to never find out about this site).

Fair point… So let’s hear it. Why would you suggest NOT crushing all the work I missed ASAP when I get back?

Because in the ensuing days, you yourself will probably realize that you could easily do all that work in just one earnest 8-hour period. The same workload you typically stretch into a 40-hour work week, maybe?? Better hope your fucking boss doesn’t realize that too!!

All I’m saying is, upon returning from vacation… Ease into things. You don’t have to be Action Jackson when you get back. You want them to think you’re swamped but taking care of it… you know, eventually.

I’m not saying this is the blueprint to become CEO (or whatever it is you young bucks might strive for these days), but if you want to keep that job, and slowly-but-surely climb that corporate ladder, this advice is GOLDEN.

Here I am just out here sprinkling advice out there like mother fuckin Salt Bae…

Young Professional Advice Returning from Vacation Excuses

Maybe I’ll try to address more workplace stuff… That seems like an area I excel for sure.

(Do I smell a recurring segment coming in 2018?? Hmm…)



You’re Welcome,