For a short minute after the Patriots Super Bowl loss, the world was crashing.

McDaniels was heading to the Colts, Patricia to Detroit, even Gronk said he was going to retire…

Image result for our pets heads are falling off

But alas, the Patriots are a little too good and all will be well (enough) in New England it seems… You see, the McDaniels thing didn’t go through; Patricia left and most Pats fans are kinda saying “good riddance” for some reason; HOWEVER, the Gronk thing remains very (kinda) real.

If you remember, not too long ago Gronk showed us his extreme skill in acting, during his “Don’t Eat Tide Pods” commercial:

**His on screen talent is almost too much if you ask me. He’s somewhere between De Niro and Paul Walker, but with the raw magnetism of Chris Rock.**

So with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Rocky (Slyvester Stallone) urging him to come play in their playground and act, I could see Gronk leaving the sport that has led the 28-year old to three back surgeries and go be a movie star.

He just seems like a goofball who wants to have fun. Back surgeries probably aren’t fun.

Can’t wait to see him in the next Fast & Furious!!