Alright, that headline is strong.

But Luke Kornett is kind of a stud! I know the Raptors didn’t exactly throw the best at him… But 11 points, 10 rebounds and 4 blocks cannot be ignored, including 3 from downtown!!

The 7’1″ rookie from Vanderbilt showed last night that he COULD be one really nice piece to emerge from the Knicks current dumpster fire of a season.

I saw these two tweets from Tommy Beer (great follow for Knick fans) that gives you some context of what kind of debut performance we just saw:

I know this is only one game, but I REALLY like this kid. No, he’s not a unicorn like KP (not yet?)… but my God, does he have potential.

**Worth Noting: This is another guy Phil picked up undrafted too (in 2016 it was Ron Baker)… Maybe I just love undrafted guys? That’s two for two in my book!**



UniKORNET SZN has Begun,



P.S. Saw this video from Luke Kornet’s mom. She might be the biggest reason I want this kid to succeed. She is everyone‘s mom who has ever been proud of them, going to see them play… But Tracy Kornet gets to see HER son in the NBA. I love it:

P.P.S. Frank Kornet, if you are reading this… I need to have a beer with you, and conveniently enough, I’ll be in Nashville in a few months. The ball is in your court. #UniKORNET