Water Cooler Sports definitely fancies itself a sort of “all encompassing” sports & entertainment media website… With nearly 1,000 generic sports posts, to pop culture coverage (like The Bachelor), or even the random things we do – like our WCS_Dogs Instagram, we are sort of all over the board.

So when organizations find us anything less than Grade-A media, yes, I get a little #triggered.

Well, yesterday we had another “Chad Wise & USA Rugby” moment… Except this time with the Westminster Dog Show.

Westminster Kennel Club Media Credential Rejection Email.PNG


What more could a legitimate media website do than what we do?! Honestly!!

So, I did any level-headed person in Corporate America would do… I wrote them a strongly worded email response, putting them in a body-bag every step of the way:

Westminster Kennel Club Media Credential Response Email.PNG

We are NOT going to follow up 2017, aka “the year USA Rugby Denied Us Media Creds and publicly humiliated us” (as I’m sure most people remember it for), with 2018 “the year even dog shows wouldn’t let us into MSG” – HELL to the NO!!

I want to see them still say no and provide me some reasoning… I’m ready to fight.

We don’t back down, we are… Water Cooler Sports.



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