Ouy boy “Sex Ed” is back and thinking about SEX again… Classic Ed – that horny little bastard! Luckily, we have our very own Nurse Brit on retainer to answer all his questions so that we are ALL better off for it… Now, let’s get to it!


QUESTION: As a nurse you should know this (maybe, maybe not)… Is there any science behind why sex kinda cures hangovers? Like is there ANY science to back that up or is that 100% just in my head? Not that it really matters because even without science, I’ll still push for it… but it’d be good to be able to use that as part of the whole “sales pitch” the morning after. Like, “come on, science says this helps!”
ANSWER: I’m sorry to say that there is no scientific evidence that proves that sex cures hangovers. There has been no research done on the matter that I could find, but that does not mean it does not exist. You could begin your own research on the subject matter and perhaps change peoples’ sex lives forever.

QUESTION: At what age does one’s dick stop growing (does it ever stop growing – God, that’d be nice) OR can it ever start shrinking?! If so, at what age because then guys can at least know when is best to just start gambling our lives away…
ANSWER: The penis stops growing once puberty is over. For most men this is around the age of 18. Various factors can cause the penis to shrink, such as smoking, weight gain, and age. At what age is undetermined. A decrease in testosterone could lead to a smaller penis size. So since testosterone peaks around 30 years of age; I think you should be able to get through at very least your 30s without penis shrinkage.

QUESTION: Arie (a little Bachelor talk) is like a silver fox with that little sprinkle of grey hair. What percentage of chicks do you think find that sexy?? ALSO, is there any science to prove that grey hair makes a man’s sex drive lesser?
ANSWER: Again, no scientific evidence supporting the correlation between grey hair and sex drive. In my professional opinion, less than 50% of women think that is sexy. But if Arie looks like that at 50 or 60, then the percentage goes up. Personally not a fan of the silver fox look at Arie’s age. He is only 36, but I guess if you’re a race car driver then it probably doesn’t make a difference.

QUESTION: What is morning wood? Like I get that it’s a boner, in the morning… But what is the science behind it? Are we at our peak horny in the morning? #LetMeKno
ANSWER: When a male is asleep, it is when he is most relaxed. As a result, blood flow to the penis is at a peak, meaning morning wood. You can get a boner after taking a nap also. An erection in the morning does not always mean you are horny. As soon as you wake up and get out of bed, I’m sure that you notice that the erection is gone or maybe it’s not. Maybe you are horny.

Love it. Need a little Nurse Brit to get my day going if we’re being totally honest. Now I know I got like a decade or so until my dick starts shrinking and it’s time to end it all!!

More knowledge, more power.” – Gandhi (maybe)