Bachelor Night in America Episode 6!  If you’re bored at work today check it out as Junior and I discuss:

  • The State of Arie
  • Lauren B’s 1:1 and Jacqueline’s 1:1 – Date grades and comparisons
  • Group Date – MVP/LVP
  • 2:1 Kendall vs Krystal
  • Twitter Questions
  • Quotes
  • Top 3 Bottom 2

That’s right we got one Twitter question this week.  Hit us up on this week again and we’ll answer them!

And now to the Power Rankings.  Well last week I said we were down to the contenders, but I think we can all agree that we are now truly down to the actual contenders.  These are the final seven girls that have all had their moment with Arie.  They’ve all at some point shown flashes that they can compete for a championship (Arie), but who will actually take home, the Final Rose?

As always, Junior and I rank the women separately and then we add up their scores and rank accordingly.  Numbers in italics and parenthesis are their rankings from last week.

  1. Lauren B (2): 13 points (1 first place vote) – Lauren B finally got to show her one on one skills this past week.  While it was an incredibly painful date to watch due to the lack of conversation, the fact that Arie didn’t say “yeah you know what, this isn’t working, you’re not talking, and for that reason, I’m out” showed me at least that Lauren B has staying power.  I’m not overlooking her little breakdown at the end of the episode though.  Lauren B just launched herself to the top of my “Girls Who Might Walk” Power Rankings.  From Junior: “Huge week for Lauren and a validation week at that.  He saved a date in PARIS for her.  I know Ketch said he wouldn’t accept her at the top until she had a 1:1 and now not only did she get one, but we found out that Arie saved a date in the love capital of the world.  Wow.”

  2. Bekah M (4): 12 points (1 first place vote) – Bekah, in my mind kind of reasserted herself to the top this week.  She kind of took a week off last week to deal with Krystal and get all up in that business.  However, with limited interactions with Krystal, Bekah was able to refocus her game on Arie.  From Junior: “I hate to say it, but this idiot is now in the top 3.  He had Sienne, a trained dancer, working her ass off at the Moulin Rouge and putting on a damn show and he picks Bekah.  I don’t know how, but he has something with her and I think it is going to carry her far.  

  3. Kendall (5): 10 points – Going into the 2 on 1 date, Kendall was probably the under dog.  However, Kendall pulled out all the stops like Doug Pederson in the Super Bowl.  She was aggressive when she needed to be, and just waited out Krystal.  She knew eventually she would get her chance to pounce and once Krystal started to bleed, Kendall took no prisoners and turned in one of the greatest 2 on 1 performances of all time.  From Junior: “I think we all knew Kendall was coming out of that date alive but the way she did it? Damn.  She verbally body bagged Krystal and I feel like Arie connects with her on an intellectual and maturity level.  Haters will say she’s not number 2.”  Ketch Note: I had her ranked fourth, but I’ll be damned if I’m called a h8er.

  4. Tia (1): 9 points – I personally don’t think Tia’s performance merits a three spot drop, but I think she is more of a victim of other girls performing really well rather than her actually losing ground.  I am quite confident that Tia is still a bonafide threat to win it all.

  5. Seinne (3): 6 points – Seinne has been trending downward the past few weeks.  Sure, part of it is because other girls are making moves, but she is also not making much of a splash.  We saw how Becca K has plummeted and I just fear that Seinne is starting to go down that same road.  She needs a big week to get back to where she belongs – at the top of the rankings.  From Junior: “Sienne has been quiet for a few weeks now and I don’t like it.  She deserved to win that group date 100%.  Kendall had the hiking, Tia had the fan boat, and finally Sienne gets the dancing.  Nope.  And that just has me worried.”

  6. Jacqueline (8): 4 points – Jacqueline came out HOT this week.  Is it too little, too late?  Probably, yeah.  But the question of why Arie has kept her around was finally answered this week.  It’s because he digs her.  We’ll see how her career plans affects her performance.  I hope she wins it all just to shove it in Junior’s face.  From Junior: “I’m at a loss.  I just don’t get it.  I know Ketch is #TeamJacqueline and I have nothing against her (Ketch Note: yeah right), but I just don’t see the connection.  Arie obviously does because he had the ‘I only want serious contenders’ talk with her and kept her around.  But you gotta feel like she’s still toward the bottom.”

  7. Becca K (7): 2 Points – If Becca was a baseball player, she’d be in the midst of like a 2-38 slump.  It just seems like whatever she does, someone else is doing it better.  What ever she says to Arie, someone is saying it better.  She’s getting outperformed right now at almost every facet of the game.  Back to back last rose scares is not where you want to be at this point.

There you have it!  Another week of Power Rankings.  The format of these will change as we get less and less girls, but for now, enjoy!