Undoubtedly, there are a lot of h8rs out there who will say country music is basically just a simple few chords, a “twang” in the singers voice and some stereotypical subject matter – ranging from your old bird dog, to drinking too much, to going to church on Sunday. But be that as it may, I still love the genre at large.

So if I put on “New Country” on Spotify and let it ride, overall I’m going to be pretty happy with what’s to come.

This weekend though, when the Spotify gods blessed me with Dean Summerwind’s newest (and only) single “Parked by the Lake” I damn near lost my shit. Why? Well… Give it a listen and I think you’ll agree.

The song is basically just saying the sentence, “I parked out by the lake, 80 miles from Sante Fe,” over-and-over, in a different order every time, in just a phenomenal “DEEP” rhythmic tune.

I know it’s a joke, and upon reading up on it, the singer (who was on the Voice, Dustin Christensen) was just in a studio, messing around and started singing this as a joke… But as with all GREAT jokes, it gained a little momentum, and we the public at large ATE IT UP. On Thursday, it was sitting at #52 on iTunes Top US Songs list!! LOLZ!!

I already want a Dean Summerwind poster, and hope he opens for whatever country concert I go to this summer rockin’ jortz and my vintage cut-sleeve flannel.



Parked Out by the Lake,