It should be no surprise that the Knicks are in a position to be an all-time terrible team. When you’re one superstar goes down (and you weren’t even a playoff team when he WAS┬áin the lineup) you’re in for a long rest of the season… So us vultures here at Water Cooler Sports had an idea!

What if we took the money line against them for EVERY game from here on out?

Think about it…

Yes, the payout will be dogshit. BUT, it will be a payout nonetheless. Take for example last night’s game. A $25 bet against the (-350) moneyline for the Pacers to win paid out $7.14 after the Knicks (obviously) lost to Indiana.

So, here’s what we’re going to do. In an effort to keep us watching this G-league team, we’re going to bet against the Knicks moneyline (which, if you’re rooting for us LONG-TERM to get maybe a Marvin Bagley type player, you could argue it’s what’s best for the team). We’re starting this all by setting aside $250. We’ll bet $25 against the Knicks moneyline every night, and we’ll track where it takes us.

Sure, if we lose one game it may take 4 or 5 games to win the money back, but I took a look at the remaining schedule, and it’s TOUGH to see a game the Knicks will win… I’m sorry, it’s just true. Look:

Knicks Remaining Schedule.PNG

I put an “L” next to playoff teams, just under the very safe assumption that we are NOT a playoff caliber team… And that leaves 7 games that are only POTENTIAL wins in the remaining 25 left. Realistically, we aren’t going to win all 7 either! I’d say we could win HALF of them, it’s a flip of a coin. So from here on out, I’m saying maybe 3.5.

The rest of this season is going to be a DISASTER, and we’ll track it here with a positive attitude… The pipe-dream of getting Bagley, AND winning money!

So since we started last night, here are our “#KnicksTank Moneyline” numbers:

Bank-Roll: $257.14 (+$7.14)
Overall Record: 1-0

Tonight, the 2nd in a back-to-back, an away game in Philly? Yeah, I’d say we’ll be off to a strong start. The moneyline right now is (-750), so our $25 bet is only going to win us $3.33… Let’s see where this takes us!







P.S. I totally realize this is the lowest risk, most boring gambling in the world. It’s basically investing in a CD. But hey, CD’s never made me excited about something that I should be demoralized about.