Well, here we are. Officially a low-point in my Knicks fanhood: blogging about losing games. BUT, it did keep me semi-engaged in a game we opened as double-digits dogs – so I guess this blog’s initial intent IS working!

After last night’s loss to Philly, we won* our second bet in a row, earning another $3.33, bringing our original $250 bankroll to…

BANKROLL: $260.47

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig money!!

Now, I understand the issue with taking the favorites moneyline in each game… But like I mentioned in the first blog, this is about safe, low return investing. This isn’t BitCoin, we’re buying low yield savings bonds like Grandpa Gene. We’re here for the sure thing.

Next on the horizon is Washington tomorrow in MSG… I’m not going to sit here and pretend we’ll make anything more than we just made in Philly, but I will say that we typically play the Wizards like SHIT, so this could easily bump us to 3-0. Honestly, the Wizards are a solid playoff caliber team and despite MAYBE getting some energy from the Garden crowd, I think this is QUITE the uphill battle.

One more loss, one step closer to Bagley.







* = Saying we “won” when we really lost is ass-backwards. If this reaches ten straight I may just pull the plug because it’s so sad… But also at that point it becomes so sad it’s funny. I may have just set myself up in a bear trap I can’t escape. YOLO.