Junior and I are back at it again with the white Vans.  Yes, that was a “Damn Daniel” reference.  Anyways here are this episode’s topics:

  • The State of Arie
  • 1:1 vs 1:1 vs 1:1 – Lauren B drops the “L” word (not lesbian), Seinne’s shocking departure, and date grades
  • Jacqueline’s confusing conversation
  • Group Date – Kendall’s dominance, The demise of Bekah M
  • Twitter Questions
  • Quotes
  • Top 3 (no bottom 2)

Real good episode that sets everything up for what’s sure to be an absolutely wild Hometown Week!  Listen to it and then tell all of your friends to listen it to it because nowhere else on the internet can you hear two guys break down the action like Junior and myself and that is a scientific FACT.

Quick Final Four Preview: Instead of Power Rankings, we are going to give you the four women and reasons they’ll advance vs reasons they won’t.  Junior and I both think this is undoubtedly one of, if not, the closest race in the history of the The Bachelor.  Even Lauren B, who by all accounts has it wrapped up, I could see a scenario where she does not make it to the Fantasy Suite.

Lauren B

Why She’ll Advance: Arie loves her.  He literally said it.  She is head and shoulders the favorite right now.  She’s got all the tools and really up until this point has made it on talent alone.  Her just being her should be enough to survive another week, but if she turns on the personality a little bit too?  Look out, we may be in for a blowout.

Why She’ll Lose: Despite all of the love in the air between Arie and Lauren B, there is something that still makes you think she’s just a bit reserved.  Is it the trust issues?  The fear of getting hurt?  Who knows, but if she holds onto those reservations much longer, Arie might be making a tearful goodbye with LB.


Why She’ll Advance: Not that this matters, but at this point in the game, knowing what I know about each of the girls, I would send the other three home and just propose to Kendall on the spot.  That’s not even saying the other girls are bad options, that’s more of a testament about how great Kendall is.  Seriously, has there been a contestant that has been this much of a perfect mix of genuine, understanding, level-headed, yet fun and quirky? The last few weeks, she hasn’t missed a beat.  All she’s done is make every single move correctly.

Why She’ll Lose: I could actually see Arie being a little freaked out by the taxidermy thing when he sees it up close and personal.  The other part that gives me a few doubts is that even though she easily won the first group date rose last week, there still seems to be this air that Kendall is for whatever reason just a hair behind Lauren B, Tia, and Becca K.


Why She’ll Advance: Tia has been kind of under-the-radar for a lot of this season.  I know he almost wrote her off in favor of Bekah M last week, but let’s not forget Arie brought in fucking hay bales earlier in the season for Tia.  He also acquires a fake southern accent when he’s around her and has even said he “loves the south.”  Also who loves racing?  Oh that’s right, the South.

Why She’ll Lose: She has been quiet the last few weeks.  Last week, even though she got the rose, her talking to Arie about Bekah M is not where you want to be going into hometowns.  Last week she was playing defense instead of staying confident in her game and attacking.  On the podcast, I said she was playing not to lose instead of playing to win.  If she stays on her heels in hometowns, it could spell disaster.

Becca K

Why She’ll Advance: While other girls have clearly had more advanced relationships than Becca, and even though she was kind of a surprise getting to hometowns, I have really thought that she would be the best fit for Arie all season long.  They seemed to have picked up some momentum last week.  On paper, they are the best couple and it should work.

Why She’ll Lose: Well there’s that whole not one, but two last rose scares.  There’s the no real face time with Arie since her week 2 one on one (until this week of course), and of course the fact that they both admitted to their relationship lost a little fire.  Now as noted above, the fire has been somewhat rekindled, but is it enough to advance to the Fantasy Suite?

Whatever happens, it’s going to be absolutely electric.  This is coming from a guy that has probably watched north of 40 hours of the Olympics last week: Hometowns is appointment television and I will be forgoing my Olympics watching tomorrow night for Hometowns.