I have long been a “we don’t need a QB yet” kinda guy here for the Giants, especially with the #2 pick in the upcoming draft despite the retarded narrative that Eli is on his last legs.

And I’m NOT saying Eli is elite, or great, or good or even above average. What I say about Eli has been the same for about 14 years: he’s alright – and he is always there. The guy is a SMART QB at the line – yes. He lives to play another down, which some people like and don’t like. But he has always had receivers with HUGE catch radius’s (Plax, Nicks, Odell to name a few) to make some of his crazy inaccurate throws look acceptable… Eli’s skills have not, and will not in my opinion, decline over the next few years. They just looked BRUTAL this year when he was rushed to throw it (behind an incompetent o-line), and with a non-existent run game (again, behind that incompetent o-line).

Now that THAT is out of the way, and you know I am 100% content with NOT getting a new QB… I saw Davis Webb’s Instagram this morning of him throwing GEMS to Evan Engram:

And all of a sudden, this is me:

guy looking at girl meme new york giants eli manning davis webb.jpg

I know that highlight film is just that: HIGH-lights. He’s not going to post on his own Instagram that he overthrew Engram by 20 yards, or that he short armed a slant with no defenders even coming at him… But still.

I am not going to be negative about our young, up-and-coming QB (who was a coach’s son btw, people forget).

I just think he isn’t going to play Eli out of the starting job this year, BUT Eli has only two more years on his contract! Hey, if Davis Webb keeps throwing seeds and putting them up on Insta, I could totally see the Giants saying, “Listen, Eli… your contract is up buddy and you can TOTALLY ‘Brett Favre’ around the league if you’d like. But it’s DW’s time now.

I am SOOOOOOOOO on board with D-Webb (gonna keep trying out nicknames til one sticks) and just need to see more of this stuff. Our young, STUD receivers need to keep working with him because he LOOKS like the real deal*.



Got Those Big Blue Balls for D-Webby,



* = You know, on his own Instagram posts.