In this week’s episode, Junior and I look at the hometown dates.  A little bit of a different format as we skip the State of Arie.

  • Date Grades
  • Breakdown of Arie’s performance with the families
  • Which family we would want to go up against
  • We answer one of Kendall’s Questions (#118)
  • Quotes
  • Rose Ceremony Talk
  • Top 2, Next Bachelorette (Instead of top 3 bottom 2, we start looking ahead as to who could be the next bachelorette)

Pretty good episode to get you yoked up for a two night extravaganza.  And just a reminder, you can find Bachelor Night in America on iTunes!  That’s right!  We’ve made it to the big time so make sure you go, subscribe, give us a five star rating and maybe even leave a review!