Two straight days of college basketball talk from me?

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Listen, right now, I am just knuckle deep ready for some conference tourney play, and honestly, I think today is a good day to take a looksie at one of those potential Cinderella teams we fall in love with every year… You know the kinda team that is will bust brackets all over America’s face like they’re Sasha Grey in her prime (that link is actually SFW… kinda).

Who am I talking about??

THE Bucknell Bison from Lewisberg, PA!!

The team is led by three seniors (Nana Foulland, Stephen Brown and Zach Thomas) so you know they have that veteran leadership it takes to win. All three of whom were there last year and are ready to grind it together out one last time.

In 2017, as a #13 seed, the Bison damn near had #4 West Virginia if not for that long haired fuck Nathan Adrian.

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This year, Bucknell has absolutely smoked the Patriot League, winning 17 of its 19 conference games as they head into the Conference Playoffs as the host #1 seed.

To cherry pick some stats (and get you on my side), you should know senior forward Zach Thomas is #10 in the nation in scoring* averaging 21.0 ppg and #14 in rebounding* with 9.1 rpg. Some in NBA’s circles are even calling him, TALENT-WISE, a young man’s Travis Wear**, sooooo… Yeah.

On Joe Lunardi’s latest projected bracket, he has the Bison (again in 2018) coming in as a #14 seed – which I think is a DANGEROUS spot for them to be. And no, not just because as a #14 they beat Kansas in 2006 (people forget)…

…no – I have real 2018 reasons!

The way I see it, the caliber team they’ll see at #14 is a #3 seed – that’s ABOUT a Wichita St-esque team.

Using the Shockers as an example, they’d be playing a team that would have lost to Notre Dame, Temple and Houston. Not GREAT teams, but also not terrible teams. Kinda like…? BUCKNELL!!!

And while I’m not saying Bucknell would be a lock in these match-ups, I’m saying that just like every other team in the tournament, Wichita State is flawed, and a team like Bucknell could capitalize on that.

**And that’s hard for me to say about Ron Baker’s alma mater #ShockerNation**

Anyway, I see these seniors digging deep and Assistant Coach John Griffin is going to remind them it’s not all that far-fetched for a #14 seed to advance.

Time for the Cinderella stories guys – buckle in!



I’m Ready to Dance,

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* = We cherry picked these stats saying “qualifying” would mean you had 30 games played. LOLZ!
** = NO ONE has called him that. I doubt people even remember who Travis Wear is.