If you follow Water Cooler Sports religiously, you know that Junior & Ketch run the best Bachelor podcast in the universe (self-proclaimed) Bachelor Night in America and I may or may not but definitely do watch the show myself…

Well, last night the show had some excitement in that an ex-boyfriend of one of the three remaining girls came back to win her heart back before it was too late.

The guy had it all planned out – he was going to flew to Peru in his best suit, tell her he is still in love with her, win her heart back and end up together like in The Notebook (something that was actually brought up at one point).

That Casanova’s name? Ross.

ross the bachelor.PNG

Unfortunately for Ross, his girl Becca didn’t want him back. They had dated for seven years, spent the last year broken up, and not even flying all the way to Peru in a grand romantice gesture could mend the rift.

Ross took a big fucking “L” there last night. However, that was not the biggest loss in my opinion. Not even close…

ross the bachelor becca ex boyfriend.png

^That, ladies and gentlemen, is Ross. Ross actually is the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Stanford FOOTBALL team. Twitter took notice:

Imagine him heading back to the locker-room after getting his heart ripped out on national television.

Hey, good luck Ross!

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The One Where Ross Goes to Peru,



P.S. Tell me THIS isn’t the face of someone who is thinking, “This is going to be a tough one to bring back to the locker-room…“:

ross the bachelor zoomed in