To nobody’s surprise, last night the Knicks fell to the Warriors 125-111. To EVERYONE‘s surprise though, the Knicks were actually winning at halftime and I for one was thinking, “this would be SOOOOO Knicks to win this game during a tank…

But, luckily for Knicks fans AND the future of this franchise, they stayed true to the tank and blew it in the 3rd.

Now, gambling-wise, if you remember, we bet $25 to win a whopping $2.78… Bringing our total to:

BANK ROLL: $264.92



Next up on the docket we have the Clippers who in my opinion are buttcheeks. No CP3, no Blake? Even we could beat them, right?

(Probably not)

But Friday will at least be a competitive game which means better odds for us here at the casino.

When odds come out Friday, I’ll be here ready and waiting.



Keep That #KnickSTANK Rolling,