Last night, when I was doing my nightly rounds on social media before going to bed, I saw this video with the caption “People really suck.”  Without reading any of the comments first, I watched the video and genuinely thought “Yeah, this guy video taping this entire situation is a real asshole.”  Well to my surprise, that is not who everyone was saying unprofessional, inappropriate and ridiculous.  They were actually talking about the police officer!

In case you can’t or didn’t watch the video, the summary of events is that the guy who is filming this interaction decided to bring this homeless guy into McDonald’s to buy him a meal.  Apparently the homeless guy has been an issue for this McDonald’s in the past so the manager asked him to leave.  When he wouldn’t leave, the manager called the police and asked them to give the homeless guy a warning for trespassing.  When the police officer game, the guy filming started yelling “You guys suck!” while he tried to tell the police officer that he volunteered to buy the homeless guy a meal.

Okay, I’d like to focus most of this blog on how this situation could have been avoided.  Let’s start with the initial gesture of buying a homeless guy a meal.  That is a fine thing to do.  Really admirable if you ask me. What I am assuming happens afterwards is that the manager sees the homeless guy and says “goddamnit, we told this guy not to come in here” so he goes up to him and tells him he has to leave.  Homeless guy won’t leave because either he’s stubborn, doesn’t want to, doesn’t understand what he did wrong because someone did actually offer to buy him food, or a combination, so the the manager says “okay well I’m going to have to call the cops.”

Here’s my issue: Where the hell was the filming guy?  Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.08.28 AM

Why the hell is he not sitting with the homeless guy?  Great, buy him food, but then give him his food and say okay you sit there and I’m going to sit over here?  If the filmer is sitting with the homeless guy, when the manager comes over and asks the homeless guy to leave the filmer can rationally say “oh I offered to buy him the food, sir” and maybe they can talk about it like adults rather than this lunatic shouting at the workers and police officers.  I’m sure if this guy was sitting with the homeless guy and was respectful and rational to the manager, the manager at worst would have compromised and asked them to take their food and eat outside.

You know what I think what happened?  This fucking guy filming knew that the homeless guy was not allowed in the McDonald’s.  He played all nice guy with the homeless man and told him he’d buy him a meal.  When he took him inside and gave him his food, he purposely sat away from him knowing damn well the manager would come over and ask the homeless guy to leave.  He probably left homeless man out to dry as the cops were called because he knew he could whip out his phone and film the interaction.

As I said before, buying a homeless person a meal is a very nice thing to do.  However using a homeless man as a pawn for a chance to go viral is disgusting and I have a feeling that’s exactly what this guy did.

Towards the end of the video, when the guy was screaming “I AM GETTING KICKED OUT BECAUSE I BOUGHT A HOMELESS GUY A MEAL.” I wanted to reach through my phone, grab that dickhead by the neck and say “YOU ARE GETTING KICKED OUT BECAUSE YOU ARE SHOUTING, CAUSING A SCENE, AND DISRUPTING THE ENVIRONMENT YOU FUCKING TOOL.”  How can that guy watch his video back and say “yep I did nothing wrong!”  How????  This right here is one of the most delusional individuals you will see.

After all this, I found out that not only were people ripping on police officer, but the Myrtle Beach PD is actually reviewing her actions.  For what?  For some asshole filming her doing her job?  I am obviously not a police officer, but what did she do wrong?  She wasn’t rude, she wasn’t physical, sure she dropped the “I am the law” line, but she had been getting yelled at by this dickhead for like 5 minutes straight and was likely frustrated.  Not to mention her occupation is in “LAW ENFORCEMENT” so I have no problem with her saying that.  Maybe the police department is just reviewing her actions to appease to the public outcry and nothing will happen, or I at least hope that’s the case.

What it all boils down to is that this all could have been avoided if the guy filming didn’t go into the situation with the goal of filming a conflict and posting it to Facebook.  You know what what?  The initial caption was right.  People do suck, and I’m talking about the filmer.