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Pip pip cheerio! Looks like we got us an international question from across the pond. As we know, the internet has no borders and neither does my assistance. Let’s see if we can help this jolly good chap communicate with his American counterparts.

I believe, if I’m reading the question correctly (and I am), the word you are looking for is “turnover.” Even though some broadcasters will use the term “takeaway” over here in the former colonies, most prefer to say “turnover” as in “turnover differential” or “Miami’s turnover chain is fucking stupid.” Doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, football, or even a little footie (fact check: I don’t watch soccer so I can’t confirm this), a turnover is a turnover is a turnover.

“But wait, Junior, I don’t know if that’s right.”

Uhh I’m pretty fucking confident it is.

“I thought a turnover was a delicious baked treat with a sweet fruity filling.”

Holy shit I want an apple turnover right now

Ohhhh bless your heart, I get what you’re saying. Jeez, I didn’t think I was going to be giving a full English (American, not the Queen’s) lesson today but here we are. We have what are called “homonyms” which have nothing to do with sexual preference but rather two words that are spelled the same but with different meanings. So yes, a turnover is, in fact, a pastry and also when one team accidentally gives possession to the other. Important distinction, however, is that the fruity tart is in no way comparable to the British “takeaway” from the original question. Keep up.