Ketch, our CPA and I had a homeowner’s meeting this morning (no big deal but we all are landowning white males), and the question of “Home Depot vs Lowe’s” came up. Personally, I think this is a great question.

I think we all can agree it says A LOT about a man when it comes to their hardware store preferences and I think it’s safe to say we need to explore this a bit more.

Here were some of my favorite comments during the debate, and then I’ll give my elaborate, over-the-top take:

CPA Jack: “I prefer the ambiance of Lowe’s but typically go to Home Depot.

Great point by our CPA. The ambiance of Lowe’s – to me – is just a cleaner shopping experience. I feel as though I’m at more of a Wegman’s than your traditional supermarket. It just feels like a more polished experience if you ask me.

Ketch: “I’m a Home Depot guy… (I’ve been told) Lowe’s is for yuppies

Yes, undoubtedly Lowe’s has more the youngster vibe to it. Like, Home Depot is your grandfather’s kinda gritty store, and Lowe’s has polished themselves for a cleaner shopping experience, which a yuppie would be ALL about. It’s like the people that go to Lowe’s don’t want to get their fingers dirty, whereas REAL construction guys who are super gritty would go to Home Depot.

CPA Jack: “I walk into Home Depot and feel confused, I walk into Lowe’s and think I can figure this out.”

Now this is interesting. Most stores are marked at their aisles with what they are – my gut instinct is to say this is retarded, BUT I know what Jack is saying here. It can be overwhelming at times in a Home Depot. I don’t know if this is true or not, but their stores just feel bigger and, therefore, easier to get lost in… And I’m not saying the good kinda lost where you get lost in a store and it’s awesome, I mean where you genuinely want to get like ONE thing and you can’t fucking find it.

CPA Jack: “Lowe’s appliance section always seemed way nicer. At least in the Cuse stores… Lowe’s has better lighting so you can see the appliance better.

Can’t agree more. Lowe’s – as it is the CLEANER option – is where I want to see appliances. Think about it, you’re going to see your brand new fridge/stove/dishwasher/washer/dryer A LOT… So having a nice BRIGHT place to view them is essential. But Home Depot is a little dimmer (probably to hide how much dirtier it is) so shopping for appliances would NOT be ideal.

So what does this all mean? Where am I on this debate?

Well, here’s the thing – to me, it’s all about location… Which one is closer? And odds are, I’ll just go there.

HOWEVER, it’s not that simple. It is NEVER that simple.

You see, as someone that visits Home Depot a decent amount (whilst flipping the WCS HQ), I’ve found that when I visit Home Depot, it tends to be for legit building supplies… But, when I am thinking of buying appliances (or just the finishing touches), I don’t necessarily think Home Depot first. Why is that?

Well, I like to think of Home Depot as the place where real construction guys shop. So if I’m building something – like wood and drywall to frame a wall, or getting mortar to lay tile, or even plumbing supplies to LAY THE PIPE (winky face) – Home Depot is my spot.

But once the guts of my bathroom are put together, the walls are up, the floor is down, the plumbing is all taken care of, I think I’d prefer going to Lowe’s to get the “finishing touches“… The toilet, the vanity, the mirror, etc. The exact same items could be at Home Depot, but I just think to myself that Lowe’s makes those things look NICER.

Is this thinking retarded? Maybe. But given what Ketch & Jack said, I think I’m not alone.

Each serves its own purpose in home improvement, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.





P.S. Don’t even try to throw ACE Hardware in the mix, these guys are on a whole other planet.