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This is legitimately one of the funniest questions I’ve come across while doing this and I hope the asker is being dead serious because that makes it even better. I envision some poor sap being the only man in his office (like Schmidt on New Girl) and every day he comes in, gracefully nods to Karen at the front desk, chit chats with Janet about the Jeopardy game from last night, and gives a pleasant “Good Morning!” to his boss Debra. To be honest, he’s never quite that happy to see her–she just doesn’t get that for some people, life isn’t work so he is constantly overworked and underpaid. But nevertheless, she signs the measly paychecks so she is entitled to a cheery morning greeting.

He comes in to work on Thursday, March 8th in the Year of our Lord 2018 and everyone is just staring bullets through it. He checks his fly–phew its up–, he makes sure the peanut butter from his morning toast isn’t on his face, he even straightens the tie a little bit (the ladies around the office are sticklers for that). Confused and a little afraid, he dodges into his small cube to escape the glares. As he opens Twitter, he notices the unthinkable–it’s International Women’s Day. Fuck.


He knows he should have gotten flowers and a big cake for everyone in the office and sadly his usual chipper morning greetings just aren’t enough to overcome this classic office faux pas. But luckily he knows of a place full of people willing to help and not laugh at all in the face of his seemingly insignificant problem–the internet.

Oh right, I actually have a question to answer here. You can’t go wrong with a casual “sup?” so I guess give that a try.