When we started betting against the Knicks moneyline every game, this matchup against the Bucks (in Milwaukee) was what I would call a LOCK. But they had lost six of their last seven, so I guess there was a twinkle of hope last night… but that was all – a twinkle.

Before tipoff, the moneyline was set at (-550) Bucks, so evidently Vegas didn’t care how the Bucks were trending (probably because the Knicks are just THAT bad). And – no surprise here – Vegas was right!

The Knicks found a way to lose, inching a bit closer to that draft pick that HOPEFULLY ends up being Marvin Bagley Jr – that asshole who definitely┬áprobably helped end Notre Dame’s NCAA Tournament Bid… I guess if he comes to New York I’ll forgive him.

So, what did this win do for us money-wise? Well, a (-550) moneyline bet isn’t going to net us a whole lot… Our $25 bet only won us $4.54, but as we’ve said a million times, this is low-risk, low return investing. Better than a CD (debateably)!! Updated stats:

BANK ROLL: $307.87

Looking at this through a positive lens, we are (still) the ninth best odds in the lottery, BUT we’re only two games behind the eighth spot, three games behind sixth place, and four games behind third (and six between us and first if you want the whole picture)!

Now there ARE eight teams between here and there, but we certainly are doing what we gotta do to get there – LOSE GAMES!!

Sixteen games to go get those odds up – time to REALLY step the tank us boys! I know we can do it!!



Let’s Keep that #KnicksTank Rolling,