I wrote a while back that the Giants should NOT draft a QB, that they already have one, (he’s a coach’s son) and instead they need the address a shitty offensive line first and foremost… I ALSO said that if Davis Webb continues to leak out workout videos where he is throwing perfect passes around the gridiron, he’s going to win over my heart.

SPOILER ALERT: DW* is doing just that:

Look at that footwork – reminds me of looking at tape of myself from my combine last year. From the dropback, to dodging the defender that isn’t there (but his make-believe offensive line failed to block), to delivering a perfect check-down pass, Davis Webb is doing it all.

I can’t wait to start seeing #5 jerseys at MetLife that aren’t 15-year old Kerry Collins jerseys but instead read the QB of the future’s name on the back: W-E-B-B.



#DWebby for 2020,



* = The nickname “DW” is from Arthur, she was his annoying little sister…  I also imagine 0.001% of readers will get. I regret nothing. I do this for YOU.