Let me just say this – Dicky V is great. He is freakin’ iconic in the college basketball world… I mean, HE’S AWESOME BABY!!!

But he posted his picks for March Madness to Instagram last night and… He got it WAY wrong.

He’s taking Michigan State to win it all, and I just don’t see that happening. In fact, I don’t see them living to see Saturday.

If you remember, I picked a certain mid-major team to bust some brackets a couple weeks back… That team? Well, unfortunately for Dicky V, it’s the team Michigan St got matched up with in the First Round: THE BUCKNELL BISON BABYYY!!

Now, I’m not a Michigan State hater by any means. It kinda pains me that Tom Izzo is going to leave the tourney early this year… Honestly, he’s one of those living legends alongside Jim Boeheim, Roy Williams and Coach K. Buuuuut people forget that all legends eventually pass the torch, and on the opposing sidelines stands the (probable) recipient of that proverbial torch:

john griffin bucknell basketball assistant coach.jpg

That’s right – Bucknell’s Assistant Coach John Griffin!!

Former player on the #14 Bucknell squad that slayed #3 Kansas in the First Round in 2005, Griffin is now an assistant coach for the Bison and someone that I think EVERYONE can agree has a promising coaching career ahead of him.

And I don’t mean to connection too many dots, but it’s a #14 Bucknell again? It’s a John Griffin-led Bucknell again?? I’m pretty sure it’s all but set in stone at this point.

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Bucknell busts brackets nationwide Friday night. You heard it here first. Sorry Dicky V.



Cue the Holland Mack,