On Sunday, the Raptors were (-535) moneyline to beat the Knicks straight up, another bet that we took, and yes, again we won. Because that is how easy betting can be. You see a shitty team, you bet against them, you win. Maybe it’s a “brick by brick” strategy, but it fucking works!

That whopper of a bet Sunday brought us another $4.67 to add to our tank total… So where are we at heading into tonight’s TIGHT matchup with the (also tanking) Mavs??

BANK ROLL: $312.54

Tonight is an interesting game though. Mark Cuban has openly said before that he wants his team to tank so they can get a better pick… On the flip-side, the Knicks have never ADMITTED they are tanking (but they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it).

So what to expect tonight? Honestly, I could see a Knicks win. The Mavericks are really bad and the Knicks play hard. PLUS, they’ll be at home. I think they won’t want to be embarrassed in front of the Garden crowd, but at the end of the day, we are sticking to our guns and taking the Mavs.

Dallas comes in at (-114) favorites to win* and so at least IF the Knicks lose, there’s at least a decent reward of $21.93 at the end of it all… This is some of the highest stakes betting we’ve taken since we started, and I for one a PUMPED.

The “Battle for Bagley” gets ugly tonight, 7:30pm at MSG.





* = Absolutely SHAMEFUL that the Knicks aren’t home favorites.