Syracuse’s run in the tournament legitimately makes me giggle when I think about it. They did not play their best basketball this season and much to the chagrin of a lot of h8rs, they made the tournament. Everyone cried foul (little basketball reference for you) but no one really batted an eye because as I said previously, they were not playing outstanding basketball and many people thought they wouldn’t make it past the play in game.

But if there is one thing you can set your watch to, it’s Syracuse in March. There’s just something about this month and this tournament that gets Boeheim and his boys firing on all cylinders and they really only have seven of them. I’m not saying you should pick them to win every game, but you just cannot bet against them in March. I find it to be very funny because a lot of people hate Syracuse for no reason whatsoever and seeing them getting fired up will always make me chuckle.

My dad and I have a thing for our sports teams where we basically buy that team’s Perry’s ice cream flavor and eat it during the game if the team is at risk of losing. Call us crazy, but somehow it works (within reason–they don’t make enough Buffalo Bills Brownie Blitz for us to overcome some deficits). Now, my dad was down with the stomach bug Sunday so I selflessly ate two bowls myself but boy oh boy did it pay off.┬áDuke is definitely going to be a challenge but I will eat as many bowls of ‘Cuse 44 ice cream as is necessary if it means they win. Just doing God’s work.