As I am about 99.69% sure you missed this one (ya know, since you probably¬†weren’t watching the Blue Jays-Phillies Spring Training game), you should know that former New York Yankee Russell Martin (who hilariously I have a Toronto t-shirt jersey of… nbd) got into a fight with some protective netting yesterday after catching a foul ball… Actually, more like got his man-bunned ass kicked. Take a look:

And if you remember (I mean, how could anyone forget?), back in 2016, Odell Beckham got into it with some netting himself:

That is twice now guys… In less than just 20 months!!

This is a God-damn epidemic. We can’t allow our netting to turn on us!! First Odell strikes a kicking net and it hits him back. Then Russell Martin does it ACCIDENTALLY and it strikes back!! What’s next? Will Grayson Allen get attacked by the net after he does a very fundamental college layup tomorrow??




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