Let’s summarize the Zay Jones situation in case you missed it:

Zay Jones, Buffalo Bills WR & a 2017 2nd round pick, was arrested after he got in a fight Monday night with his brother after yelling, “I’m going to fight for Jesus!” as he attempted to jump through a 30th floor window… oh, all the while butt-naked. He is being held in the psyche ward (thank God) and the NFL has had no comment.

Okay, first, WOW. I’ve been around people who are, let’s say LIKE THIS* when they’re losing it – and it’s insane, it’s terrifying actually. There is literally nothing you can do but maybe calm them down and hope they don’t hurt themselves too badly.┬áBut it seems like in this case, Zay was VERRRRRRY far gone.

The thing is, his brother Cayleb (who apparently plays for the Vikings) probably was like, “Okay, okay… Zay is fucked up again. Let’s get him to his room and let him sleep it off” – then he pressed the 30th floor button like it was no big deal. Time to put this kid to sleep.

Except going 30 floors up only brought he and Zay closer to the heavens, which unfortunately it sounds like Zay thought he was communicating with.

Yelling “I’m going to fight for Jesus” while naked and attempting to jump out the 30th floor of a building is truly wild… But hey, drugs will do that – sometimes you hear stuff that isn’t real at all!!

Also, shout-out to the manufacturers of these windows for these high-rises that they can make them so difficult to break that even a professional football player FUCKED UP on drugs couldn’t jump through. I mean it looks like he did his best, but even ZAY FUCKING JONES couldn’t do it:

Zay Jones Arrest TMZ Window 30th floor.jpg



Fans Jump Through Tables, Players Jump Through Windows



* = on a TON of drugs and are angry.