Today while I was driving, I saw one of the bright yellow “Plow Hazard” signs with an arrow pointing down at an angle at a gutter drain or something.  Unfortunately, there is no google image of the particular sign I am talking about so just use your imagination.

Anyways, the thought popped into my head that it would be hilarious if someone (looking at you, Tayls) made a shirt that just said “PLOW HAZARD” with an arrow pointing towards the Netherregion (that would be the dick or vagina area).  Something like this:

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 9.08.34 PM

This shirt is great for a variety of reasons.

  1. It could easily be seen as a unisex shirt.  Sure, guys initially would see this and say “Aw SHIT!  My dick is a plow hazard for sure!  It hazards tons of plows, bro!”  But when a man and a woman love each other and decide to partake in sexual intercourse, the man would probably be considered the “plow,” right?  Well in this time of female empowerment, women can wear this shirt to say “keep your hands off, men!  We are plow hazards!”  On the other side of the spectrum, maybe you have a girl that may be a bit more promiscuous this is a shirt that is much more subtle than one that might say something like “Dick Wrecker.”  So there you go, Win/win/win!


2. It’s confusing enough that you could probably wear it to almost any function.  I mean part of the reason I was giggling almost the entire drive home is because while it initially sounds really, really dirty, what the hell does it actually mean?  Like when you really think about it, is it dirty?  Is “plow hazard” slang for something?  If it is, I’m not aware.  But the point is because of this, you could wear it anywhere and say “Whaaat?”  Nightclub? You bet.  Church?  Why not?  Family reunion?  Hey I think Cousin Willy will love it! Business meeting?  Uhh can you say “conversation starter?”  See?  Literally flawless.

So in summation, this is a shirt that is hilarious, supports a variety of causes, and is something you can wear to any function.  What’s the downside of it?  Oh that’s right, there is none!