A study claims to have discovered a new human organ that could help scientists better understand its impact on diseases such as cancer.

The study published Tuesday in Scientific Reportssuggests this organ, called the interstitium, is a series of interconnected, fluid-filled compartments found throughout the body. The study also claims the interstitium is among the body’s largest organs.

Scientists using a special live imaging technique called a Probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE) to find the interstitium in various parts of the body including the lungs and digestive tract.

The study said the interstitium can compress or expand in size, suggesting it could serve as “shock absorbers” for other parts of the body.

The interstitial spaces were originally thought to be dense, connective tissue found surrounding arteries and veins and sitting right below the surface of the skin.

The discovery could lead to a better understanding of diseases, such as how cancer can quickly spread through the body.

“This finding has potential to drive dramatic advances in medicine, including the possibility that the direct sampling of interstitial fluid may become a powerful diagnostic tool,” said Dr. Neil D. Theise, a professor in the Department of Pathology at NYU Langone Health, and one of the study’s co-authors, in a statement.

This is the second time in as many years humans have learned details about a new organ. Last year, an Irish surgeon discovered the mesentery, which connects the intestine to the abdomen. It’s identifiable function is still not known. – USA Today

Okay, so I heard about this originally on Golic & Wingo this morning and, honestly, this is why you can’t trust science.

This “organ” has been there this whole time and we never noticed it?! They say it’d be one of the biggest organs in our bodies, which I believe is like our skin or something… And if you’re telling me it’s BIGGER than our skin, that’s outrageous.


I get it, it’s great – it’s huge in the medical world. WHATEVER.

I just don’t get how we didn’t see this thing before. Or did we see it and just call it something else? Like did we say it was part of our skin organ ? Honestly, I don’t even get where this thing is located – your intestines AND your lungs? So it’s everywhere?

This just reminds me of Mac’s “Science is a Liar Sometimes” rant in It’s Always Sunny… because we always just assume whatever facts are presented to us are the end-all be-all, and that’s not the case. They are until someone smarter comes along and tells us that the BIGGEST organ in our bodies was just discovered.

Crock of shit if you ask me.



I Don’t “Get” Science,