If we’re being completely honest, I didn’t think I’d be as consistent on this post as I WAS until March 13… Then life just kinda unraveled. Biiiiiiiiiiiig snowball effect there. It was like I gave myself one missed game, then another, and then at some point I was like “eh, I’ll just catch up all at once!” Well, nine games later here we are!

If you completely forgot what this #KnicksTank tracker was, it’s basically just me HYPOTHETICALLY saying, “What if we bet $25 against the Knicks moneyline every night?” We started with a $250 investment, and it was going PRETTY darn well after the first ten games. We had won nine out of 10 bets, and were up $62.54. Not the WORST way to watch Knicks games – you know, if you’re ROOTING for them to tank anyway, might as well make some money in the process!

Midas Whale Meme.png

So to catch ourselves up, I basically just threw together a tracker of how we would’ve done over the last nine games that I missed because I got drunk, then really hungover, then got lazy. And truth be told, the “low-risk, low-reward” process we believed would work in the beginning, kinda is legit #TrustTheProcess:

Knicks Tank Tracker.PNG

So what does that do to our stats? Well:

BANK ROLL: $283.28
RECORD: 15-4

So, had you $25 bet every night AGAINST our beloved Knicks, you would be up right now… Albeit only $33.28 but hey, you’d be up!! And that (kinda) was the point we were trying to make when we started this… What’s good for the Knicks (tanking) can be good for our viewing enjoyment too (winning bets).