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Surprise! I missed tracking a game – I bet you didn’t see that coming!!

But here’s your fast and sloppy update: we did what we had to do – lose! BOTH GAMES!!

The first game was against Detroit, and since we took the Pistons to win at (-185), we won $13.51. BOOOOOOOOOMMM SHAKA LAKA!!!

The next was a game last night that I was SURE we were going to win against Orlando (who sucks so bad even I think we’d win), but luckily Hornacek’s boys stuck true to the tank… As always, we bet $25 that the Magic would win which was almost a dead even bet at (-105). The Knicks got CRUSHED 97-73 (**COUGH COUGH by the fourth worst team in the league COUGH COUGH**) and that game won us $23.81.

So our updated stats:

BANK ROLL: $320.60
RECORD: 17-4

An easy summary of this would be that the Knicks have lost SEVENTEEN of twenty one since Porzingis went out. Which should tell everyone on the planet that even though we love what we’re seeing out of Trey Burke and it’s great that Frank is growing up, KP means the world to this team.

This season needs to end, and luckily there are only four more games until that happens.

SPINZONE: By losing last night, the Knicks now have tied the Bulls in record for the eighth best odds to win the lottery. These last four games could prove crucial and I just hope we lose them all.