Welcome to the 2018 Masters – “a tradition unlike any other”!

There are already a myriad of headlines this year, so let’s just get right to the big hitters:

TONY FINAU showed that while Tiger has pushed most of today’s great golfers to be better athletes, there are still those with that follow the David Duval mindset still out there. But damnit, he popped his ankle right back-in-place with the smoldering manliness that could rival Mel Gibson:

GARY NICKLAUS JR. hit a hole in one and didn’t hurt himself or any spectators. Greatest moment by a grandson of Jack, since Nick O’Leary survived this:

AND WOMEN are going to golf at Augusta! But Ladies, you have to wait one more year and it is only for a day. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – they are only taking the ladies that don’t get paid for golfing just like Bobby Jones, who founded Augusta and the Masters. It is kind of nostalgic in that sense.



Hit Putts, Not Sluts,