Truth be told, I am WAY more of a Jeopardy guy than a Wheel of Fortune guy, and it’s not really even close… However, sometimes when my dogshit commute gets me home after Trebeck has already said goodnight, I settle for the latter. I’ll plop my ass down on the couch, crack an ice cold Natty and scream at my TV like I know better than the three schmucks competing (Spoiler Alert – I rarely do).

But last night, something beautiful happened. Wheel of Fortune is apparently doing a “Spring Break” theme this week (#LIT) and having college kids on from all over. If memory serves me correctly there was a black chick, some kid from UGA #DawgsOnTop, and then Keely 😍😍:

Now, this would NOT be the first time I’ve fallen for a game show contestant. But time heals all wounds and the hole in my heart that Kirstin Cutts left, Keely filled last night.

Like any good friend, I let the boys in the GroupMe know that there was a babe on Wheel of Fortune, so they all tuned in… And one thing led to another, and we “stumbled” onto her Instagram. And guys, let’s just say she may have tried to hide it under that over-sized SDSU sweatshirt, but she is a SMOKE.

The best part was that Keely actually won, she went to the final round (whatever that’s called) but couldn’t come up with Bruce Wayne as a character, after all the letters she threw out there came up empty.

My problem with Wheel of Fortune is now she’s gone forever. Unlike Jeopardy where you can really become a fan of the winner and stick with them over the course of a few days (or maybe if weeks if they got their game on), Keely will never be seen again.

I guess this is goodbye Keely, I’ll never forget you*.





* = It’s very likely in a few short weeks I’ll forget I even wrote this post. Keely is NO Kirstin Cutts… Am I right?