Day one of The Masters is in the books and we find the most familiar name at the top of the leaderboard: Jordan Spieth. Spieth has now slept with the lead at Augusta nine times, which is tied for fourth all time with Tiger Woods and only trails Nicklaus, Palmer, and Watson. And he is only 24!

Alright, now let’s get straight to the headlines.

Par 3 Contest Curse Lives on Watson Takes Par 3

I like many forgot to give Tom Watson his due as the 2018 Par 3 champ. As he did not play in this year’s Masters, the jinx of Par 3 champion never going on to win the green jacket will roll-on another year. Watson (-6) made all Pieters and Fleetwood bettors happy as they tied for runner-up at -5. Addtionally, did anyone know Dylan Frittelli got an ace, as well. First, I leave him of the roster – Then, his hole-in-one is completely overshadowed by Finau & Gary Nicklaus – Finally, he shoots an opening round 77. Sorry Dylan, here is your ten seconds of glory:

Tony Finau wins the 2018 Paul Pierce Award

Finau torques his own ankle right out of its joint on Wednesday, putting us all in the weird situation where the video makes us cringe, but we can’t help but watch it twenty times. On Thursday, Finau returned to Augusta and shot a 68 solidifying himself as golf’s number one badass, which congratulation you are right up there with the world’s tallest midget. His speedy recovery and day one greatness wins him the 2018 Paul Pierce Award – man do I love that a Hall of Famer’s career can be overshadowed by one bizarre afternoon.

paul pierce wheelchair idiot.png

Sergio Pays Homage to Me on the 15th Hole

Sergio was so happy that I invested my capital in him that he decide to thank me by emulating my golf game on the 15th hole at Augusta. In the process of dunking 5 balls into Rae’s creek on the 15th hole, Sergio tied the highest single score on any hole at Augusta. It was actually a great octuple-bogey save as he had to make a 15-footer to avoid the lone dubious distinction as the only player with a 14 on their scorecard. Spectators reported seeing Sergio’s caddy coming through the shrubs looking for a spare ball or two prior to heading to the 16th tee. Sergio, it rarely happens to the best of us and commonly happens to the worst of us, I suggest packing a six-pack of PBR’s in the bag on Friday and just enjoying a casual 18 holes at Augusta.

Harry Ellis Locks Up 2018 Highest Round

Mr. Ellis was the odds on favorite for the amateur to make this year’s Masters cut. Unfortunately, his day did not go well from jump with a double bogey on 1. He sprinkled in two other doubles and a triple-bogey on the 10th. He is five shots back of Sergio and the Mid-Am Champ aka Brockton, MA firefighter, Matt Prazaile. My money would be on Prazaile taking home DFL, but Ellis is off to a big lead.



Good Luck in Round 2,