New York Mets’ top prospect 30 year old Double A player and former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow has done it again!  A TOWERING three run piss missile in his first ever Double A at-bat.  Sound familiar?  Well that’s because in Tebow’s first Single A at-bat, he hit a freaking homer!

Say what you will about Timothy Richard Tebow, but the guy works his ass off.  A lot of guys get to be age 23, or 24 and if they’re still slumming it in Double A, they call it a career.  Tebow is fucking 30 years old.  He’s probably playing with some guys that didn’t even have pubic hair when he won his Heisman, and yet here he is.  Call me crazy, but I think Tebow gets to the Show this year at some point.  I even said so in my bold prediction blog last week.  Think of every bad thing you’ve heard about Baseball Tebow and I’ll counter it:

“He’s too small”

Uhhh ever heard of Jose Altuve or Dustin Pedroia?

“His swing fucking sucks”

Take a gander at Hunter Pence’s swing

Yeah it’s his warm-up swing, but the real thing isn’t that much better.

See it’s still really uhh, shall we say, “unorthodox” and he’s a three time All-Star!  Maybe he was the first “Tim Tebow“?  Plus, not going to lie, the swing Tebow put on that homer last night looked sweet as pie.  Like a young 30 year old Ken Griffey Jr.

“He’s just a publicity stunt!” 

You know, a lot of people thought Jesus was just a publicity stunt for the Jews.  Well instead, Jesus just became the center figure of one of the most popular religions in the world.  Could Tim Tebow become the greatest Met to ever live?  Food for thought.

“He throws weird.”

I mean how many times does an outfielder really have to make a big throw during a game?  Maybe one?  Two at most?  Besides, as long as he can get it to the cutoff guy, who cares how he throws.

Now you see why Tim Tebow could be the real deal, which is why I, as someone who lives near the Double-A team that Tim Tebow plays for admit that I fucked up.

How could I miss opening day?  How can I live with myself for not being at NYSEG stadium for Tim Tebow’s home run?  Not going to lie, I try to go to a few Rumble Pony games a year and I figured Tebow would likely be here at Double A for most of the season so what’s the rush?  Now though?  Shit, he might be getting the call to Queens like next week so I better get my ass to a game STAT.  Maybe I’m not the only one who should be nervous Tebow might be moving up sooner than you’d expect (looking at you, Cespedes, Bruce, Conforto, Nimmo, and Lagares).

Regardless, I will get to these games and I will update you all on how Tebow does.  I have no issues going to these games by myself as I’ve done in the past to watch some of the Sox top prospects when the Sea Dogs are in town.  I’ll probably even splurge for the $12 box seats too to be honest.