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Once again, I missed Friday but in my defense, I was traveling to the prestigious Water Cooler Sports HQ. I woke up on the illustrious pullout (tehe) couch this morning and realized I didn’t do my internet duty this week so here we are.

This is a question we can all relate to. You know how it goes–you grind, put in the work, and finally land the model. You take her to your studio, you’re preparing her for your shoot, she’s ready, you’re ready, you whip out your camera and you hear the giggle–oh no. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Some cameras are big, some cameras are small, some cameras are skinny, and some cameras are wide. In fact, like snowflakes, no two cameras are exactly the same.

Sure, you could go out and buy some camera enhancements–a wide angle lens, a nice big flash, that thing that allows the shutter to like stay open or whatever so you can take cool pictures of the stars moving. But you don’t want to be that guy–you want these models to be happy with the equipment God gave you. Plus, who knows if those enhancements even work? I mean you could drop all this money for the promise of a huge, souped up, fully loaded camera and it might not even work! Even worse, sometimes those things don’t even look right!


Nay, be happy with your small camera. It’s not about the size of the camera, but how you use it. I’m sure if these models just gave it a chance, they would be more than happy with the shots that come out of it. And if not, fuck them.

Well, not literally because you have a small dick and you can’t.