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Seems like a pretty outlandish question if you ask me. I mean sure any human with reasonable understanding has to know that there is other life out there but here we are in the year 2018 when we haven’t come across other beings in the universe and this guy is asking which one has the largest penis? Priorities, my man. Anyway, I’ll posit based on popular sci-fi who would, indeed, have the largest space junk.

My pick right off the bat is going to be Thanos. Am I biased because Avengers: Infinity War comes out next week? Yeah most certainly. But let’s also just take a look at the guy.


Wow. I mean come on, you’re going to tell me that guy isn’t packing? Not only is his physical frame huge, but he has quite a deep voice which probably means he’s got a bunch of testosterone pumping through his veins. Ergo, large penis.

My second pick would probably be Han Solo. Gasp! A Human?! I know, crazy, right? But look at the guy’s swagger. You don’t walk around like that unless you got something huge swinging between your legs.


Combine that with the fact that he’s virtually fearless, every guy wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him and the solution is clear. Large penis.

Finally, I would have to go with the aliens from Scary Movie 3 that pee out their fingers. Check it out

I mean jeez, those are some long fingers. And if they pee out of them, I can only assume that those are their dicks. They might not be the biggest in pure size, but pound for pound compared to the lightweight frame of the aliens themselves, I would definitely put them up there. Large finger penises for sure.