As if Knick fans needed any more reason to hate a guy who takes up almost a fifth of their cap space AND doesn’t even play in games, Joakim Noah goes and posts THIS on his Instagram:

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Jah bless the earth

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Jah bless the earth“?? JAS BLESS THAT BLONDE BEARD!!

Joakim Noah Blonde BeardJoakim Noah Blonde Beard Bum Knicks NY New York

Joakim Noah Blonde Beard HORRIBLE Look

My God, did Joakim Noah go to his stylist like, “Hey fam, I’m looking for a Tom-Hanks-at-the-end-of-Castaway kinda vibe, you feel me??”

Jo, let me be the first to say – THEY WERE FEELIN YOU!!

Unbelievable, I thought the days of me laughing at Joakim Noah were officially over when it seemed his career on the Knicks literally amounted to him not ever playing AND getting paid to do so (still hilarious)… But now he goes and brings it upon himself.



Jo Stays Jo,