Over the past nine years, BeerFest has seen its fair share of competitors… In fact if every year we never had a player repeat, the total body count would be 872* – players alone, not counting staff! I know that number is pretty misleading, but still…

That means EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO different times in a human’s life, they chose our party, BeerFest, over whatever else they had going on that day, and THAT is something I take to heart.

Now, just by taking a quick look at the field, I believe there are only two players from that first BeerFest that will be back competing in BeerFest IX… So I’m taking the first step to making sure that all those people who can’t make it on Saturday, have a chance to follow along the madness.

Below you’ll see the brackets and they will be live updating ALL DAY giving you an idea of how the tournament is shaking out:

(The teams will all be randomized via ping pong ball draft the morning of, so these are just placeholders for now)

Effectively, it will be like watching BeerFest on GameCast… Except OBVIOUSLY way more #LIT because, I mean… it’s BeerFest!

So for all those who moved all over the country and can’t make it to the Dirty Jerz Saturday – we got you… Just head outside, crack open a 30 of Natty Light, toss on some tropical bop, and watch the bracket unfold!



3 Days,




* = What is the math behind 872? I multiplied the number of teams we’ve had over the first eight BeerFests (8, 17, 31, 32, 34, 32, 32, and 32 respectively) by the four players on each team.