For those of you not on Twitter 24/7, you may not know but Kanye recently announced he is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Trump guy… Honestly, that makes sense though. They’re both ego-maniacs who people seem to either LOVE or HATE.

But I guess in the mind’s of other super-lib celebrities, this endorsement was unacceptable. So John Legend reached out to Kanye via text to just be like, “Come on bro… maybe think twice here” and the Kanye went and did what any person would do, screenshot it and shared it with the world to shred the guy:

Screenshotting a text and sending it to your group chat is always great. Everyone gets to shred a person who THOUGHT you were gonna be cool and not completely blow up their spot, and instead, you will spend hours shitting all over them.

But Kanye didn’t JUST do that… By tweeting it to his millions of followers, he just body-bagged John Legend, and somehow the no caption makes it even worse, like he doesn’t even care one iota to even put the thought into THAT.

Also, John Legend has some BALLS to text Kanye and tell his to change his mind on this one… Did he think this would work? What did he feel he would accomplish? Kanye is going to do whatever the FUCK he wants, and he’s not going to re-think his stance because another famous artist said to.

Big fan of what Kanye is doing here. Just being unapologetically Kanye.