Ever since 2010, I had decided it’d be a nice touch to make sure everyone has something to take home and remember BeerFest by (besides hazy memories of getting absolutely LIT) – and at the time, the cheapest thing I could do was to write up some pamphlets about each team as if it was like a legit NCAA-style tournament.

I guess in hindsight, that maybe was the start of my writing career…

Anyway, here is the pamphlet from yesterday’s BeerFest in case you are butthurt you missed it and want to see what you missed out on (though I’m sure I’ll go over every detail 700 times at some other point).

Anyway, check it out!! Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you hate it, just know that I hate you…


Front BeerFest Pamphlet


Inside BeerFest Pamphlet


Back BeerFest Pamphlet

(No joke, I think George W has been on the back SINCE the original 2010 pamphlet. I love it every time)

And don’t worry Georgie (who totally is reading this), we enjoyed #9 responsibly!!



@WCS_Taylor aka @Lourde_Taylor