Is this a lazy post by me including my own tweets from earlier today? Sure… But anytime I can combine The OC and sports in 2018 – I gotta do it!!

Wait, The OC? That show on Fox from like 2003?

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So last night, if you are a fan of pitchers’ duels, the Astros-Yankees game was straight-up porn for you.

The game was tied 0-0 heading into the ninth inning, with Justin Verlander absolutely DEALING, and Yankees’ long reliever Domingo German along with a plethora of guys from the New York bullpen (Green-Betances-Robertson) were holding strong – after their starter Jordan Montgomery went out after just one inning with elbow issues.

So there you were in a scoreless game, top of the ninth and what happens? Astros closer Ken Giles comes in and, first, lets up a single to Judge. Then, a double to Didi. Then, strikes out Stanton – which is one of those moments when Yankees fans were probably like, “Fuck, we aren’t even gonna get a run here, are we?” But then, OH HELL YEAH, lets up a homer to Sanchez.

After that, Hicks got a single off Giles and he got pulled… Obviously. And his reaction was legendary:

Which reminded me of one of the funniest scenes in TV history, when Oliver – that psychopath from The OC – started smacking himself over and over:

Which leads me to my ultimate questions to #EmbraceDebate on… Which freakout was more classic – Giles or Oliver?

Undoubtedly a tough choice, after all one was scripted and the other was genuine, but both were equally hilarious.

So who you got – Ken “the pyscho” Giles or Oliver “the psycho” from the OC??



California Here We Come,