Since I was seven, I’ve been getting my haircut at the same barbershop.  Well the barber was probably about 85 years old when I started getting my hair cut there so that makes him about 150 years old now.  The guy still cuts a haircut like he did in his prime, but since he’s so old, his grandson has been gradually taking over.  Now his grandson gives a fine haircut, it’s not quite as good as the old man, but I’m sure he’ll get there with years of experience.

Here’s the issue though; every time I get a haircut from the young gun he leaves it just a hair long (pun intended) in the back.  He spins me around in the chair and he asks “how does it look?” and I always say “it looks great.”  And now I ask you, faithful readers, is that the right thing to do?

Should I say “ah actually do you mind taking a little bit more off the back?”  I mean I am paying for the service, albeit $12 (plus tip) so I should be getting what I want, right?  But does it make me kind of a dick for asking him to fix it up?  I mean it’s not like the haircut looks like this:

The Most Elegant bad haircuts for round faces Regarding Motivate Seemly to Anniversary Event

Or this:


But at the same time, am I willing to make a video about my new haircut like this?:

I mean maybe, but I don’t think my heart would be behind it.  Point is, I’m not really sure what to do.

I think I’ll probably just continue to do what I’ve been doing and say “oh yeah it looks great.”  Give him 15 bucks and leave.