Life is pretty good for Yankees fans of late.

The boys just took three out of four against the defending World Series Champs in Houston. Didi won AL Player of the month. Gleyber Torres has looked INCREDIBLE since joining the team. Miguel Andujar is hitting the snot out of the ball and has an absolute CANNON for an arm at 3rd. And I haven’t even mentioned Judge, Stanton or Sanchez… OR OUR PITCHING AT ALL!!

So what’s got me bumming??

trade machado now ESPN.PNG

Taylor, who gives a fuck about Machado? We don’t need him!!

While you’re right, I also don’t want to see him on Boston – the only AL team right now with a better record. This could be a whole “we don’t need him, but we can’t let THEM get him either” kinda thing (like how we kept A-Rod from heading to Beantown). PLUS we do have the trade pieces to get him easily, ya know?

So what do we do?

Do you trade for Manny and mess with what’s working for an absolute superstar like Manny, AND in doing so keep your biggest rival from landing him?

OR, do you let your rivals get him and hope your team of young studs end up even better than Machado already is?

It’s tough.

I don’t know the answer, but I know what I’ll say now in the moment – FUCK THAT SHIT.

If Manny wants to come to New York in free agency next off-season – FINE, we can pay him then and deal with our overcrowded roster then. Why give up assets for him (see Carmelo Anthony) just to get him a few months earlier?

And if he goes to Boston and becomes the villain, that’s fine too. I kinda don’t like his dirty persona anyways.

Moral of the story here is things are pretty good in the Bronx. Even with Machado trade rumors swirling around – whether or not his landing spot is New York – you can’t get me down.

Miggy-Didi-Gleyber are my boys. I ride or die with those three. And I don’t give a shit if first is played by Chris Carter*, our infield is glorious!!





* = Actually, I lied, PLEASE don’t put Chris Carter back on this team… Tyler Austin after his fight with Boston can play first forever (since once Greg Bird comes back, he’ll likely stub his toe and be out for another 3 months).