Yesterday I was at the gym (no big deal) and after I was finished getting #swole, I headed back to the locker room. While I was packing up my bag and changing my shoes, I suddenly heard “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band start blasting from the other corner of the locker room. I glanced over (any look in the locker room is always a quick glance, don’t want to commit a full head turn…never know what you’re going to see) and it was some guy’s cell phone. He grabbed the phone and took at look at who was calling. He either didn’t know the number or didn’t want to talk to the person because he just put his phone down….with “COLD BEER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!” just continuing to blast out of his phone.

Which led me to wonder: is this still a thing? I feel like I haven’t heard a popular song as a ringtone in years. Back in the day, you weren’t cool unless you had a full-fledged song belting from your phone every time it rang. But nowadays, it seems like its just too much work and people will just choose one of the default tones on the phone. And in any case, what a savage this guy was for just letting it play out. Have the common courtesy to hit the “fuck you” button once you know you won’t be answering the call–we’re living in a society here.

So what do you think? Is having an actual song as your ringtone still a thing or is that so 2000 and late?