**This post is dedicated to Le Moyne College, their electric baseball fans, Dick Rockwell, his field, EJ, the Sweaty Fan Club, and that glorious Hill where I’d love to have endless beers right now, fire off some fireworks and relive the glory days**

It’s playoff baseball for our Le Moyne College Dolphins, and it’s getting me all teary eyes thinking about the glory days up on that Hill, cheering our boys on while getting blasted and bullying opponents left fielders until they break.

At its core, the HillCrew was a bunch of kids who would gather around some Busch Light, sit on the grassy hill that overlooked Dick Rockwell Field, and make sure the visiting team was ANYTHING but focused on the task at hand.


Great question. Well, every team has a roster on the world wide web. So we knew who their left fielder was just by looking there. THEN, we would find his bio on the team and discover where they came from, or maybe even their sister’s/mother’s names if we got lucky. Then, we’d find their Twitters and dig up any and every single tweet they sent that we thought could trigger these kids.

As you could imagine, we got to some people. And in honor of today’s Northeast-10 Playoff game against Pace University, I’m going to let you in on a little story that hits so close to home… So close to home that I look at a reminder of it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The year was 2013 (I think) and Le Moyne was set to defend their home turf, Dick Rockwell Field, against Pace University in front of the greatest fans in D-2. Miller had done his usual pregame preparations (you know, just printing out the entire roster with PAGES of bio’s for the entire Pace team) and we were ready to rock.

This particular game the left fielder’s last name was Pepe. (Don’t tell Pepe I said this, but) he was arguably their best player – so we knew we’d have to be on our game to get at him. And as usual, we were up to the challenge.

For starters, with the last name “Pepe” our boys WENT IN on the whole “Pee-Pee” angle… Hilarious? Yes. Could we have done better? Of course. But THAT is what we call getting in their heads folks. No regrets – don’t come to our field and expect to get anything but shredded.

Now, we went on doing our thing for a while**, and if I’m not mistaken SOMEONE said one particular heckle that may have gone too far and MAYBE Pepe’s family was at the fame… And MAYBE that family let us know we had gone too far.

Well guys, believe it or not, I haven’t the slightest clue if we won that game or not as it’s been 5 years and about 7,069,054 beers later. But here’s a little fun fact…

I now own the fucking house RIGHT NEXT to the Pepe family. When I introduced myself to them, my jaw dropped to the floor. It went a little something like this:

Neighbor (sees Le Moyne tshirt): “Oh, you went to Le Moyne? My son played baseball there a couple times…
Us: “Oh no way! Where’d he go to school?
Neighbor: “Pace.
Us: “No way, what years did he play there?
Neighbor: “2013-15.”
Us (looking at each other nervously laughing): “Oh, really? Haha… what position did he play?
Neighbor: “Left field. And they had this Hill there…

I damn near lost my shit when they said that. It all came back to me, hearing Miller yell “Hey Pee-Pee!! What’s your favorite Creed song?” amidst a TON of other more aggressive things. I remembered seeing back then that his family was from my around my hometown but I had NO CLUE when I bought the WCS HQ that we would be his fucking neighbors!!

Life is funny like that.

Anyway, anyone lucky enough to be on the Hill today, I need to ask you a favor.

Pace’s left fielder should be #5. He’s a freshman and his name is Harrison Treble. Make him feel at home. Welcome him to DRF… But then ask him why he’s listed at 5’11” because there is NO FUCKING WAY he’s over 5’9″…

Then ask him why he transferred to St Bonaventure? Ask him if the bright lights in Olean, NY frightened him? It’s a big city there…

Then hit him with the hammer. Yell the following: “I see on December 20th you tweeted at Skip Bayless and called him an idiot who knows nothing about basketball… I just want to let you know you spelled your as “U-R” so who’s the REAL idiot?

It’s playoff time in Cuse, and it’s time to make it count. HillCrew, I’ll be there Saturday. Stay strong until I get there.



HillCrew for Life,



** = What does “Doing our thing” mean? Well, here are some of my favorite heckles from back in the day:

  • THAT’S HIS BEST!!” – during every single failed pickoff attempt from the opposing pitcher;
  • FAIR THAT’S GONE!!” – during any foul ball of ours, regardless of how far it actually was hit;
  • PUT YOUR GLOVE BACK ON!!” – this was yelled at the left fielder ANY time he took it off to adjust it… literally this could happen at any moment.
  • HEY (INSERT LEFT FIELDER’S LAST NAME HERE), YOU THINK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU?!” – whenever the opposing catcher visited the mound to talk to the pitcher.
  • I WOULDN’T PITCH TO HIM EITHER!!” – pretty much anytime the opposing pitcher got behind in the count.