Yesterday’s 3-2 win over Boston felt pretty good, not gonna lie. Getting two home runs from our newest Yankee who admittedly has had his fair share of struggles since joining the squad was nice… But for me, for a Knicks fan, was there anything better than seeing the third-in-the-last-six-years newest Knicks coach come out and throw the first pitch??

Now, as a fan, I straight up love the Fizdale move – I think he’s not the sexiest guy out there… But THAT is the mistake the Knicks have made time-and-time again, right? Get the sexiest name and hope it works (see Phil Jackson-era).

Now, in the same vein, I want to talk about Fiz and his sexiness. Although his NAME may not be the sexiest in NBA circles, apparently he fucks. Because… Well… Let’s just take a looksie and his girlie, shall we?






Fiz may not have the best opening pitch stroke…

david fizdale pitch

…but that dude must have some phenomenal game!

And I’ve said it time and time again, if you come in with a slammin’ girl on your side, I will believe you have confidence in yourself, which makes me instantly have confidence in you.

Fiz, welcome to New York. We’re gonna ride you hard, but hopefully not harder than your smokeshow of a wife already does!