I know I might be in the minority here as a former member of the women’s professional soccer media (weird brag) but the biggest news out of that world is an absolute travesty.

The whole thing revolves around Brandi Chastain.

Brandi Chastain, in case you forgot, was America’s hero back in the 1999 World Cup who hit the game winning penalty kick to beat China (suck it) and ripped her shirt off immediately, becoming the center of every little boy’s dreams:

Brandi Chastaim.gif

Yeah, HER!!

Anyway, an appropriate 19 years later, some organization called Bay Area Sports decided to honorhonor” her and induct her to their Hall of Fame. And… well, let’s just say the guy who made the plaque KINDA blew it:




Is that Babe Ruth? Ellen Degeneris? Jim McElwain?

This sculptor either hates America (makes sense… liberal Bay Area artis and wanted to bash an American hero, Orrrrrrr… Nope! That’s the only explanation.

Brandi Chastain deserves better than this. AMERICA deserves better than this.



Angry American,