I can sit here and be really salty about the NBA Finals being the exact same match-up for the FOURTH STRAIGHT YEAR, or I could sit back and appreciate what is in front of us…

No, I’m not talking about the Warriors unbelievable “new” brand of basketball where you have a million shooters who can spread the floor and chuck three’s… Oh, and happen to have the most talent on one team ever (maybe?).

No, I’m not even talking about LeBron single-handedly taking his team to the Finals.

Shoot, I’m not even going get into the idea that we are ONE Warriors star (Curry/Durant) away from actually having a series…

I’m talking JR Smith versus Swaggy P!!

There are no two players I root more for on each team.

On one hand, we got JR Smith, who has the whole “Once a Knicks, Always a Knick” thing going for him in my eyes (people forget, he DID once hit like two game winners for us when Melo was hurt soooooo…) PLUS he’s the constant center of attention for Cavaliers memes. I believe that, by the transitive property, makes HIM hilarious. Also, his name is Earl.

On the other hand we have Nick Young, aka Swaggy P… A nickname that is hilarious to have on a team that plays the brand of basketball the Warriors do. Go out, launch three’s, PROBABLY hit them, the crowd goes nuts – so then by riding their energy you launch more. It’s incredible.

But here’s the thing – I actually think the Cavs don’t win Game 7 without the best defense of JR Smith’s career (probably). And Nick Young said he had a dream Dennis Rodman told him to play better defense, sooooo… There’s that.

My thing is, and the mainstream media refuses to talk about this, EITHER one of these guys’ celebrations is going to be nuts.

Shirtless JR celebrating a title that LeBron carried he and his Cavs to (Part II), OR (and much more likely) Swaggy P celebrating his first title – a title that since he last name isn’t Green, Durant, Curry or Thompson, he also won’t really earn.

Two X-Factors. Two Wild Cards. Two legends.

THAT is what NBA fans everywhere need to see this series. Especially since the ending to this NBA season has been so freaking predictable*!



JR > Swaggy (Don’t @ Me),


* = I heard a lot of people talking shit on the whole “the season was predictable” narrative because both these teams were down 3-2 in the Conference Finals and had to go to a Game 7 to get the job done. Screw that. If I can all but KNOW who is going to be in the Finals the following June in July, that is the definition of predictable!

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