Late last night, I got a text with a link to from a former co-worker (shoutout Dennis who 100% has no clue this website exists, also a huuuuuge NY Giants fan) letting me know about the latest and greatest Dallas Cowboys news: Zeke and Dak bought penis squirt guns and took them out clubbing:

zeke.dak penis squirt.guns.jpg

Now, to be completely honest, this is just hilarious to me… This is just two twenty-something year old’s going out and being funny.

I say that because I just know ESPN and mainstream media will see this and be “disgusted” at it. I put disgustedin quotes because I don’t think anyone actually cares, but they all have to pretend to… 2018 is so soft.

Is it maybe crude? Sure. But they did it at night, at a club that it’s not like kids were at. If anyone was seeing this, they were adults partying at a club, they can laugh at a squirt gun that just so happens to be shaped like a dick.

Thus far in life, it’s always been easy to hate on the Cowboys, but if they keep doing funny things like this, they’ll make it REALLY hard to hate them with the same intensity I’ve hated all their predecessors.

At the end of the day, I’m still rooting against them all year, but this shit is too funny.